Your ICAO PPL/CPL license can be converted to a EU PPL. There is no conversion possible from a ICAO CPL to an EU CPL. In that case you need to validate you license in which you need to take the full CPL theory course (again) with a time limit of 1 year and in which your ICAO license should be valid during this period.

We will describe the conversion form a ICAO PPL or CPL SEP license to an EU PPL SEP license.

A PPL/BPL/SPL, a CPL or ATPL licence issued in compliance with the requirements of Annex 1 to the Chicago Convention by a third country may be converted into a Part-FCL PPL/BPL/SPL with a single-pilot class or type rating by the competent authority of a Member State.
The pilot shall apply to the competent authority of the Member State where he/she resides or is established.

The holder of the licence shall comply with the following minimum requirements, for the relevant aircraft category:

  1. pass a written examination in Air Law and Human Performance;
  2. pass the PPL, BPL or SPL Skill-test, as relevant, in accordance with Part-FCL;
  3. fulfil the requirements for the issue of the relevant class or type rating, in accordance with Subpart H;
  4. hold at least a Class 2 medical certificate, issued in accordance with Part-Medical;
  5. demonstrate that he/she has acquired language proficiency in accordance with FCL.055;
  6. have completed at least 100 hours of flight time as a pilot.

note (1) if your Dutch is sufficient, we will register you with the CBR, otherwise we advise you to obtain it in the UK
note (2) we have enough instructors to get you up to standard and an examiner to take the Skill-test
note (3) don’t worry about this, we will assist you with this
note (4) this can be done at Aeglia
note (5) this can be done at iFly4you
note (6) this is total time (dual and solo)

We will complete this course by filling out this form and send it out to the KIWA.

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